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Our range of swimming ear plugs and swimming nose clips offers a simple yet effective way to keep water out of your ears and nose while in the pool.

An unwanted irritation like Swimmer's Ear is just one of the reasons why you may want to consider using ear protection for swimming. It often occurs when water gets trapped inside the ear, which allows bacteria in your ear canal to multiply.

The condition is common among kids, but it's not unusual for adult swimmers to suffer from it too, so using these specialist water ear plugs can spare you from any unnecessary discomfort.

We have a wide selection of silicone ear plugs for swimming. The beauty of using a soft silicone structure is that it can adapt to the shape of your ear and act as a barrier to water, without impairing your hearing.

All the top swim brands have swimming ear plugs in various shapes and designs to suit the swimmer's individual preference. We also have swimming ear drops that help to dry trapped water inside your ear.

If you're also looking to prevent water going up your nose, try using a swimming nose clip. They are comfortable and easy to wear, and will seal your nostrils when in the pool. Just place the nose clip over the bridge of your nose, and after a while you won't even realise you're wearing one. Flexible frames and soft silicone pads guarantee a comfortable and secure fit.

Swimming nose clips are available in a range of colours and sizes, from all the top brands, and many come with their own plastic storage case.

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